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The Code Enforcement Division is under the direction of the Police Department. The Division consists of a Supervisor and one full-time Code Enforcement Officer.

The focus of Code Enforcement is to investigate violations of laws or ordinances relating to public health, safety and welfare, the operation of businesses, consumer protection, building standards, land-use regulations and other municipal interests. Code Enforcement works in conjunction with the Planning Division, Building Division, Public Works Department, the Police Department, Community Services Department, the County Health Department, Vector Control, and any other public agency as needed. Code Enforcement Officers typically respond to complaints filed by citizens. However, they also conduct proactive enforcement when necessary.

The typical process begins with a complaint from a citizen or by city staff observing a problem. The primary goal of Code Enforcement in West Covina is to determine if there is a violation, and then to seek voluntary compliance to correct the violation. The majority of residents or business owners are very cooperative and quickly correct the issue with support and guidance from Code Enforcement staff. If voluntary compliance does not work or in the case of serious or repeat offenders; Correction Notices, Administrative Citations, Public Nuisance Hearings, Office Conferences, Inspection and Abatement Warrants, Criminal Citation or any other remedy available to the City may be used to achieve compliance.


  • To make West Covina a safer and cleaner place to live, work and visit
  • To provide prompt, courteous and professional service
  • To gain voluntary compliance
  • To encourage responsible property maintenance
  • Educate Everybody on “What We Do?”


Depending on the time of your call, a staff member or voice message recorder will answer. Please leave the location and description of the violation, and your name & telephone number. All reports are handled confidentially. Code Enforcement staff investigate and enforce city codes, ordinances and applicable state statutes. If the violation involves a potential emergency, officers will respond immediately. Otherwise, complaints will typically be followed up within one to two working day by visiting the site of the alleged violation, and if necessary starting the process of addressing the violation.

To contact Code Enforcement call (626)939-8426

You can also report a Code Violation via our Mobile Phone App. Download our Mobile Phone App: http://www.westcovina.org/about-the-city/mobile-app