West Covina Police DepartmentWest Covina Police Department


About two-thirds of all sworn officers work in this division, which focuses on patrolling city streets, answering calls for service, and identifying potential crime problems. Under the Community Service Area Policing program, four dedicated lieutenants and their crews are assigned a specific quadrant of the City and tasked with resolving public safety concerns for residents, neighborhoods, and businesses. This division includes the Traffic Unit, the K-9 Unit, Jail Operations, Reserve Officers, Police Cadets and award-winning volunteers who perform non-hazardous duties to free up sworn officers.

The Patrol Division also includes the Special Problems Detail (SPD) which encompasses the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT), Robotics Team, and K-9 Unit.

Service Area Policing

The West Covina Police Department has organized the City into four service areas, with one Lieutenant assigned to each area.

This allows residents to call or e-mail their lieutenant directly so that non-emergency public safety issues or neighborhood concerns are quickly addressed. Continue to use 911 for emergency calls.

Service Area Policing is a more citizen friendly style of policing that provides for the following:

  • Increased police accountability to citizens
  • Reduced Crime
  • Improved service to residents and business owners
  • Increased citizen satisfaction and communication with the Police Department
  • Increased access to City Government
  • Improved neighborhood quality of life
  • We are always willing to meet with residents and business owners. You are encouraged to communicate with the Lieutenant responsible for your service area via telephone or e-mail.

The West Covina Police Department is committed to working with you to improve the community.


The West Covina Police Department investigates all reported traffic collisions that occur in the City of West Covina.  When an initial report is taken at the scene by patrol officers, it is forwarded to the Traffic Unit for further investigation if it involves a hit and run. The Traffic Unit finalizes the determination of fault and, if necessary, issues a citation for the traffic violation.

The Traffic Unit responds to and investigates all fatal traffic collisions that occur within the City of West Covina.  In the unfortunate event of a fatal traffic collision, the area of the collision must be preserved until the field investigation is complete. This may result in street closures for several hours.


The West Covina Police Department maintains a Type I jail facility operated by jailers. The entire jail operation is overseen by an assigned lieutenant. The jail facility provides enough bed space to accommodate 4 females and 12 males, with 6 additional beds that can accommodate either males or females as necessary. Most inmates are pre-trial arrestees who have been arrested for misdemeanors and felonies. Because we are a Type I jail facility we are only authorized to hold inmates a maximum of 96 hours, precluding any emergencies.

The West Covina Police Department Jail maintains a compliment of 7 jailers with assistance from police cadets.  Jailers must complete a California Standard and Corrections (STC) Certified Corrections Officer Academy.  Additionally, they receive continued training of at least 24 hours every two years.  The jail supervisor has also completed the California Board of Corrections STC certified supervisory training.

The mission of the West Covina Police Department Jail is to maintain the safety, security and well-being of the inmates in our custody.

Inmates are informed of their ability to contact family, employers, and legal counsel, and assist the families with information about those we hold in custody as well as visitation.  Additionally, they serve three meals daily, which are strictly regulated by the state and county for its caloric and nutritional content.  Each inmate is afforded access to showers, basic hygiene articles and reading material.

Canine Unit

Certain Police Officers team with their specially trained canines, who aid in detection, enforcement, controlling suspects, and officer safety.

Special Problems Detail

The Special Problems Detail (SPD) of the West Covina Police Department consists of several specialized units who combine their tactics, skills, and efforts to deal with major incidents that occur within the City of West Covina or when called upon by surrounding communities.  SPD consists of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, Hostage Negations Unit, Robotics Unit, and K-9s.

Property & Evidence

The Property Unit is responsible for the storage and disposition of all property or evidence collected by members of the police department during the course of their duties.

Retrieving Property
If you are an owner needing to retrieve property in possession of the Property Unit, please call (626) 939-8573 for an appointment.  Property is usually available for release Monday through Friday by appointment only.

To request release of property for someone that is in-custody, fill out the Property Release Form and call (626) 939-8573 to schedule an appointment for release.  This form must be notarized.

Investigative & Administrative

In fiscal year 2010-2011, two divisions were combined into one.  This division is responsible for providing investigation and follow-up services associated with all major crimes, as well as overseeing the centralized administrative functions of the police department.

The police personnel assigned to Investigations and Support Services work specialized assignments such as automotive thefts, financial crimes, burglaries, court coordination, homicide, domestic violence, victim advocacy, robbery, sex crimes, property & evidence, and forensics. The detectives conduct intense follow-up investigations and prepare cases for court prosecutors to deliver justice to crime victims. The Special Enforcement Team (SET), which focuses on inter-agency operations and narcotics surveillance, is also under Investigations.

The police personnel assigned to Administration include Communications, the Records Bureau, Professional Standards and Training, and the support staff for the Chief of Police.

The West Covina Service Group (WCSG) technology enterprise is also under Administration.


The Records Bureau personnel are responsible for data entry of all police reports into law enforcement databases, the maintenance of police files, and assisting the public.

The Records Bureau is a vital function of the West Covina Police Department in providing service to the community at the Records Counter and by telephone. In addition to assisting the general public, Records Bureau personnel assist sworn personnel with report management and subpoena oversight.

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

West Covina’s Crime Analyst customarily will visit with rental housing management to advise them of the Crime Free Multi Housing Program (CFMHP).  As rental property managers and owners change often, it can be necessary to visit properties several times a year.  The CFMHP is a voluntary program for multi-family dwellings, such as apartment complexes and mobile home parks.  It is a 3 phase program, which encompasses providing training to management and their staff, property inspections, and community meetings.

Neighborhood Watch

West Covina has a long history of providing crime prevention programs to our residents.  Currently the two programs in effect are the Neighborhood Watch and Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.  Neighborhood Watch was instituted nationally in 1964, and the Crime Multi-Housing Program was launched in 1992.  West Covina began using the program in 1997.