Neighborhood Watch

West Covina Police Department

National Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program was instituted nationally in 1972. Since 1972, the National Neighborhood Watch Program (housed within the National Sheriffs’ Association) has worked to unite law enforcement agencies, private organizations, and individual citizens in a nationwide effort to reduce crime and improve local communities. The success of the program has established Neighborhood Watch as the nation’s premier crime prevention and community mobilization program. Visible signs of the program are seen throughout America on street signs, window decals, community block parties, and service projects.

Residents who are interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch group often contact the Police Department for guidance.  Once a central point of contact for the group has been established, they will be identified as a Block or Group Captain.  The Group Captain can contact their representative Service Area Lieutenant to coordinate the development of a Neighborhood Watch group.

The Group Captain will be asked to provide at least three available days to host the first meeting.  The Group Captain will be tasked with compiling a list of the group concerns that will be provided to the police department prior to the meeting date.  During this time, the Group Captain will set the location of the meeting and be responsible for advertising and/or making flyers to distribute to their immediate neighborhood.  The Group Captain will also be responsible for providing sufficient seating as well as any refreshments they choose to provide.

Police Department personnel will research and attempt to provide crime statistics for your neighborhood that can be shared with group members.  Instructions will be provided on the use of the police department community crime map.

At the meeting, a synopsis of the department’s commitment to working with our crime prevention groups, as well as explanations of the crime in the area will be discussed.

Ideas will be shared with the group to assist your neighborhood in crime prevention.

It is suggested that the group hold at least two neighborhood watch meetings a year and participate in the police department’s National Night Out program which takes place their first Tuesday in August every year.