West Covina Police Department

The West Covina Police Department maintains a Type I jail facility operated by jailers. The entire jail operation is overseen by an assigned lieutenant. The jail facility provides enough bed space to accommodate 4 females and 12 males, with 6 additional beds that can accommodate either males or females as necessary. Most individuals in custody are pre-trial arrestees who have been arrested for misdemeanors and felonies. Because we are a Type I jail facility we are only authorized to hold individuals for a maximum of 96 hours, precluding any emergencies.


The West Covina Police Department Jail maintains a compliment of 6 jailers with assistance from police cadets.  Jailers must complete a California Standard and Corrections (STC) Certified Corrections Officer Academy.  Additionally, they receive continued training of at least 24 hours every year.  The jail supervisor has also completed the California Board of Corrections STC certified supervisory training.


The mission of the West Covina Police Department Jail is to maintain the safety, security, and well-being of the individuals in our custody.


Individuals are informed of their ability to contact family, employers, and legal counsel, and assist the families with information about those we hold in custody as well as visitation.  Additionally, they serve three meals daily, which are strictly regulated by the state and county for their caloric and nutritional content.  Each inmate is afforded access to showers, basic hygiene articles, and reading material.

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Bail & Bonds

All individuals in custody booked in the West Covina Police Department Jail are eligible to be released on bail or bond unless specified by a warrant, court order, bail schedule, or the level of the individual’s intoxication makes it unsafe to release the them.


The bail schedule is established pursuant to the Uniform Bail Procedures Committee and approved by the judges of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. Bail is the deposit of cash, cashier’s check, money order, or credit card for the entire amount specified. Deposited monies will be returned after the appearance of the individual bailed out and according to the rules established by the court receiving the bail. Bail money will be returned only by the court.


A bond is the deposit of a surety bond by a licensed bail bond company for the amount of the bail. The West Covina Police Department or its employees will not recommend any specific bail bond company. Bail bond companies can be located online and they can provide specifics regarding fees and costs associated with the use of their services.

Visitation Info

California Title 15 CCR 1062 regulates how city jails accommodate the visitation of individuals in custody.  The law states the jail shall provide as many visits and visitors as facility schedules, space, and the number of personnel will reasonably allow.  These procedures are subject to safety and security requirements.  Visitation may be denied or terminated by a supervisor if the visitor poses a danger to the security of the facility or there is another good cause, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The visitor appears to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcoholic beverages
  • The visitor refuses to submit to being searched
  • The visitor or individuals in custody violates facility rules or posted visiting rules
  • The visitor fails to supervise and maintain control of any minors accompanying him/her into the facility
  • Visitors attempting to enter this facility with contraband will be denied a visit and may face criminal charges



The Department provides adequate space for one visit at a time.  The visiting area does accommodate individuals in custody and visitors with disabilities.  Visitor logs and records will be maintained.  All visitors must register and produce a valid state, military, tribal, or other government identification.  All identification shall contain a photo and physical description of the visitor.  Visitors will complete the registration log.


Searching Of Visitors

Individuals who enter the secure perimeter of this facility are subject to search if there is reasonable cause to believe the visitor has violated the law, is wanted by a law enforcement agency, or there is reasonable cause to believe the visitor is attempting to bring contraband onto the facility property or into the facility.


General Visitation Rules

  • A maximum of one adult will be permitted to visit an inmate at any one time
  • No children are allowed to visit inmates
  • An individuals in custody may refuse any visitor
  • Those individuals in custody who are named as the restrained person in any restraining or other valid court order shall not be allowed visits from persons who are protected by the order
  • Visitors must be appropriately attired prior to entry into the visitor’s area of the facility
  • Inappropriate clothing, such as transparent clothing, halter-tops, excessively tight or revealing clothing, hats and bandannas or any other clothes associated with a criminal gang or otherwise deemed by the staff to be unacceptable will not be permitted
  • All visitors must have footwear
  • Visitors will leave all personal items, with the exception of car keys and identification, outside of the secure area
  • Visitors who enter the facility with handbags, packages, or other personal items will be instructed to leave them with a member of their party, lock the items in a vehicle or locker, or return at another time without the items
  • The facility is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Food or drink is not permitted in the visitor’s area
  • Individuals in custody will be permitted to sign legal documents, vehicle release forms, or any other items authorized by the Watch Commander
  • Visiting is usually limited to weekends only (Saturday and Sunday) at the discretion of the on-duty jailer and/or Watch Commander
  • Visitation shall be conducted during normal designated visiting hours except in cases of emergencies or attorney/bondsmen interviews
  • Emergency visitation is subject to the approval of the on-duty Watch Commander
  • Visiting is based on a first-come-first-serve schedule only and may be changed or canceled at any time as circumstances in the West Covina Police Department Jail warrant
  • An appointment to visit an individuals in custody can only be made on the day of the desired visit