Investigative & Administrative

West Covina Police Department


The Detective Bureau is responsible for providing investigative and follow-up services associated with all major crimes. The police personnel assigned to the Detective Bureau work specialized assignments such as automotive thefts, financial crimes, burglaries, court coordination, homicide, domestic violence, victim advocacy, robbery, sex crimes, and forensics. The detectives conduct intense follow-up investigations and prepare cases for court prosecutors to deliver justice to crime victims.


After a report is taken in the field by a patrol officer, it is forwarded to the detective desk for investigation. Detectives follow up on leads, interview witnesses, victims, and suspects, and build a case against those who commit crimes in our community.


From fraud and theft to kidnapping and murder, West Covina Police detectives spend many hours following up on information, pursuing leads, and solving crimes. Detectives are those who file cases against criminal offenders and work with the district attorney’s office for successful prosecution. West Covina Police Department detectives are assigned to the Detective Bureau for two to three years. At the end of their detail, detectives go back into uniforms and patrol the streets of the city, using the knowledge they have gained in the bureau to better serve the community. If you have information that will help the West Covina Police detectives solve a crime, please call (626) 939-8500.

Mobile Command Post

The Mobile Command Center (MCC) is a 2014 Lone Star outfitted with the latest technology.  The MCC is outfitted with Wi-Fi, a mobile tactical communication center, large viewing screens, CAD/RMS terminals, and a private compartmentalized area where crisis negotiators can operate without interruption or distraction.

The MCC can be used for SWAT or tactical situations as well as assist traffic investigators, detectives, or officers who will be investigating a scene for an extended period of time.  This gives investigators an area to meet and discuss the investigation.  It has the latest in technology and a large custom-made software solution that assists in both daily law enforcement operations and also has the ability to assist in the management of a large-scale emergency. West Covina is well prepared and able to provide the residents of West Covina and aid surrounding cities with anything that comes their way.

Forensic Identification Unit

The West Covina PD Forensic Identification Unit (FIU) is responsible for conducting forensic investigations on all major incident crime scenes which include photography, diagraming, and evidence collection.  The Forensic Identification Unit processes evidence items for DNA and latent prints to be submitted into local and national criminal databases.  The Forensic Identification Unit also provides print services for:

  • Alhambra PD
  • Azusa PD
  • Baldwin Park PD
  • Covina PD
  • the City of Diamond Bar
  • El Monte PD
  • Glendora PD
  • Monrovia PD


We also assist DMV, FBI, The Los Angeles County TRAP Team, and the DA’s office.


The West Covina PD Forensics Unit takes pride in its highly trained and experienced experts who help in solving crimes throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

Administrative Division

The police personnel assigned to Administration include public safety dispatchers assigned to the Communications Center, personnel assigned to the Records Bureau, the Professional Standards Unit, the Training and Recruitment Office, and the support staff for the Chief of Police. The West Covina Service Group (WCSG) technology enterprise is also under Administration.


The Training and Recruitment Office is also responsible for directing ongoing training for the entire department. Officers, dispatchers, and civilian employees all attend training classes on a regular basis. The Training and Recruitment Office must ensure that the department remains in compliance with all California POST requirements. Employees assigned to training and recruitment also provide or arrange for orientation and training for each new employee.  The training can consist of classroom learning, seminars, real-time situational scenarios, virtual scenarios, tactical exercises, and/or online learning.


Hiring new employees for the police department is a very involved procedure. The Training and Recruiting Office is in charge of processing applicants through a tough selection process. The hiring process for a police officer position is made up of a written test, physical agility test, oral interview, extensive background investigation, psychological test and evaluation, medical exams, and a polygraph.

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