Complaint Process

Our Complaint Process

As with all people-oriented businesses, misunderstandings do arise as to the lawful role of the police officer in handling various situations. For this reason, we encourage you to first seek out an on-duty supervisor to discuss your complaint as a suggested first step in the complaint process. The on-duty field supervisor and/or Watch Commander can be reached by telephone at (626) 939-8500 or in person by visiting our station lobby (1444 W. Garvey Ave, West Covina, CA 91790) and requesting to speak with them about your concerns. This suggestion is offered as a means to help alleviate any misunderstandings about the employee’s actions in a given situation and oftentimes leads to an early and satisfactory resolution. If your complaint cannot be settled to your satisfaction after speaking with the supervisor, the next step would be for you to fill out the complaint form.


We highly recommend you speak with a supervisor or watch commander.

File a Complaint

The mission of the West Covina Police Department is to provide the highest quality of police service to our citizens, which includes the prompt and thorough investigating of citizen complaints.  The Department has established investigative and disciplinary procedures which will not only subject personnel to corrective action when improper conduct is determined but will also serve to vindicate personnel from unwarranted charges or criticism when duties are properly performed. Findings resulting from these investigations also help to improve the overall quality of service our Department provides to our community.  For your convenience, Citizen Complaint forms are available in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Chinese.  The West Covina Police Department also provides translation services to assist in the complaint process. Citizen Complaint forms can be located in the Police Department Lobby.

Formularios de denuncia del ciudadano

La misión del Departamento de Policía de West Covina (West Covina Police Department) es brindar un servicio de policía de la más alta calidad a nuestros ciudadanos, lo que incluye la pronta y exhaustiva investigación de las denuncias de los ciudadanos.  El Departamento ha establecido procedimientos investigativos y disciplinarios que no sólo someterán al personal a medidas correctivas cuando se determine una conducta indebida, además servirán para defender al personal de los cargos o las críticas sin justificación cuando las funciones se desempeñen correctamente. Las conclusiones derivadas de estas investigaciones también ayudan a mejorar la calidad general del servicio que el Departamento le brinda a nuestra comunidad.  Para su comodidad, los formularios de denuncia del ciudadano están disponibles en inglés, español, tagalo y chino.  El Departamento de Policía de West Covina también brinda servicios de traducción para ayudar al ciudadano en el proceso de denuncia. Los formularios de denuncia del ciudadano se pueden encontrar en la recepción del Departamento de Policía.

Mga Form para sa Reklamo ng Mamamayan

Misyon ng Kagawaran ng Pulisya ng West Covina na magkaloob ng pinakamataas na kalidad ng serbisyo ng pulisya sa aming mga mamamayan, kabilang ang mabilis at masinsinang pag-iimbestiga ng mga reklamo ng mamamayan.  Nagtaguyod ang kagawaran ng mga pamamaraan sa pag-iimbestiga at pagdidisiplina kung saan hindi lamang ipasasailalim ang mga tauhan sa pagwawasto ng pagkilos kapag natukoy na mayroong maling paggawi, ngunit magsisilbi rin sa pagpapawalang-sala ng mga tauhan mula sa mga hindi makatwirang paratang o pagpuna kapag maayos ang paggampan sa mga tungkulin. Makatutulong ang mga matutuklasan mula sa mga imbestigasyong ito sa pagpapabuti ng pangkalahatang kalidad ng mga ibinibigay na serbisyo ng aming Kagawaran sa ating komunidad.  Para sa inyong kaginhawaan, ang mga form para sa Reklamo ng Mamamayan ay available sa wikang Ingles, Espanyol, Tagalog, at Tsino.  Nagkakaloob din ng mga serbisyo sa pagsalin ang Kagawaran ng Pulisya ng West Covina para makatulong sa proseso ng pagrereklamo. Maaaring matagpuan ang mga form para sa Reklamo ng Mamamayan sa Lobby ng Kagawaran ng Pulisya.


West Covina Police Department 的使命是为我们的市民提供最优质的警察服务,包括迅速且彻底地调查市民投诉. 警察局拥有既定的调查和纪律程序,不仅会在确定不当行为时针对相关人员采取纠正措施,而且也能在相关人员正当履行职责的情况下为其提供无理指控或批评的辩护. 此类调查得出的结果还有助于提升警察局为社区所提供服务的整体质量. 出于方便考虑,市民投诉表提供英语、西班牙语、他加禄语和中文版本。为协助开展投诉程序,West Covina Police Department 还提供翻译服务. 市民投诉表可从警察局大厅获取.