Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

For Emergencies & Crimes In Progress Always Dial 9-1-1

A: The West Covina Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year (366 for leap year!).


The WCPD public lobby is open from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday-Friday (Closed on city-observed holidays).

A: The location is 1444 W. Garvey Avenue, West Covina, CA 91790.


The non-emergency phone number is (626) 939-8500.

A: Release forms for stored, impounded, or recovered stolen vehicles may be obtained from the Records Bureau at the Police Department from 7:30am – 5:30pm Monday through Friday (Closed city-observed holidays). Proof of current ownership, current registration, and a valid driver’s license are required.


Vehicles impounded pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 14602.6 (suspended, revoked, or unlicensed drivers) may be held 30 calendar days. Vehicle owners may contest the validity of a vehicle impound or request consideration for early release of a vehicle being held for 30 days by contacting the Traffic Division at (626) 939-8555 during regular business hours (Mon-Thurs, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm).

A: The vehicle release fee is $200.00 payable in person at the West Covina Police Department.  The fee is payable by credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa) or by cash (exact amount required).  No vehicle release fee is charged when the storage was due to the vehicle being a recovered stolen vehicle.


After paying the vehicle release fee at the West Covina Police Department, towing and storage fees are charged by the tow company.  The City of West Covina currently utilizes the following towing company:  Royal Coaches Towing 14827 Ramona Blvd, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, telephone: (626) 960-1824.

A: The Superior Court located at the West Covina Citrus Courthouse is a separate government entity.  Please visit this website for more information.

A: Emergency issues and crimes in progress should be reported by calling 9-1-1. Issues that are actively occurring but are not an emergency or crime in progress (e.g., loud music) can be reported using the non-emergency dispatch number (626-939-8500). Long term or reoccurring issues can be forwarded to the appropriate service area lieutenant.  You may email or call the service area lieutenant that handles your area of the City here.

A: Yes, the Police Department has a 24-hour Crime Hotline, at (626) 939-8688. The purpose of this Hotline is to allow community members to leave a message reporting crimes, suspicious activities, or neighborhood safety concerns, any time, discreetly and confidentially. This information is reviewed and investigated by a detective, and callers can choose to remain anonymous or request to be contacted for follow-up.

A: Yes, to send an anonymous tip via text message to the West Covina Police Department, text TIPWCPD and your tip to 847411 (TIP411). You can also submit the tip online here.

A. If you witness someone actively marking graffiti, call 9-1-1 immediately, and you could be eligible for a $100 reward.  If you spot graffiti anywhere in the City, please go to this website or call the graffiti hotline number at (626) 939-8800 for removal.

A: If you see someone in the process of marking graffiti, immediately call 9-1-1, report the information, and let the police handle it from there (you can choose to remain anonymous, but you will have to call back 1 hour later to follow up).  If the graffiti vandals are arrested based on your call, you will be given a $100 cash reward which you receive in person at the Police Department.  Since this program began in 2007, dozens of rewards have been paid for arrests resulting from resident calls.

A: Yes, you can follow West Covina PD using several social media options:


A: The West Covina Police Department does NOT accept traffic (moving) citation payments.  All payments and hearing dates for traffic (moving) citations are handled by the Los Angeles Superior Court located at the West Covina Citrus Courthouse, which is a separate government entity.  Please visit this website for more information.


Payments for parking citations are accepted online or by telephone.  Citations must be paid by their due date to avoid late penalties.


Parking citation payments are accepted online here.


Parking citation payments are also accepted via telephone at (800) 553-4412


You can also mail your parking citation payments to: City of West Covina, P.O. Box 2081, Tustin, CA 92781-2081.  Please write citation number on your check or money order.  No extensions are given and there are no partial payments for citations.  Postmarks are accepted.  Please do not mail cash.

A: If you need to retrieve information about a citation, such as the citation number, address to send payment, information about how to request a review or to check the status of a citation that has been paid or dismissed, you can reach the citation Parking Citation Service Center at (800) 553-4412.  The Parking Citation Service Center phone number is an automated system and should provide you with selections on their menu to assist your particular needs.  If no option is available for your unique information, 0 may be dialed after the options are presented to connect you to an operator who can further assist you.  Personnel at the desk of the West Covina Police Department do not have access to detailed information about parking citations.

A: There are several things that can cause this situation.  The first is that the original citation payment was made after the maximum 21-day period and therefore increased due to additional penalties. The partial payment of the increased amount would have been received, but the citation would still be referred to DMV for collection because of the balance due. In this case, the total amount is still due to the DMV. It is advisable to pay the total fine amount to DMV so that the vehicle registration won’t be delayed, causing additional fees. The original payment can then be refunded if proof of that payment can be provided. To receive a refund of this nature, contact the City of West Covina Finance Department at (626) 939-8462.  The second possibility for this to occur is that an error was made when posting the original payment and it was not credited to the correct citation.  If you have proof of payment for a citation that the DMV is showing due on the vehicle’s registration, contact the City of West Covina Finance Department at (626) 939-8462.

A: If you feel you have been issued a parking citation in error, or the violation should not have been issued because of a variance or some other extenuating circumstance, you can request a review of the citation here.


Or, you can send your request via mail to: City Of West Covina, Adjudication Services, P.O. Box 2081, Tustin, CA 92781-2081.  The review request should include the name address and phone number of the person requesting the review and a complete explanation including any evidence available of why you feel the citation was issued in error. It is important to include all information helpful to your position because there will not be an opportunity to add information for the reviewers consideration after the fact.


Reviews must be requested in writing within 21 days of the violation and the request must be sent to the processing company that maintains the citation records. Requests received that are postmarked outside the 21-day period will not be reviewed.

A: A review of the citation is made by a City of West Covina Police Department employee. Items considered during the review process included the information provided in the letter requesting the review, any notes or photographs that may have been taken by the issuing officer, computer records checks of DMV information, computer records of any parking variances granted by the City at the time of the violation and any other evidence available. The results of the review will be provided as either dismissed or upheld. If the violation is upheld, a brief explanation will be provided.

It should be noted that the findings of first level reviews are generally based on facts presented and do not show consideration to issues such as being late for appointments, being within sight of the illegally parked vehicle, or lack of other convenient parking.

A: There will be information on the letter explaining that a second level hearing may be requested if you do not agree with the results of the review. You may request the second level hearing by indicating either an in person or an written hearing on the form and returning it to the Parking Enforcement Center (City Of West Covina, Adjudication Services, P.O. Box 2081, Tustin, CA 92781-2081) within 15 days of the mailing of the notification letter. Requests received outside the 15-day period will not be honored.

A: The hearing examiner may need to conduct further research into the Vehicle Code, collect additional statements, or survey locations before ruling on some citations. For this reason, all results will be sent in writing.

A: In this extreme case, you may file a civil case with the local court. You must file your case within 30 days of the examiner’s verdict and pay all fees required by the court. If the court decides in your favor, any and all penalties, including court fees, will be refunded to you when the City receives written judgment. If judgment is in favor of the City of West Covina, the action is ended and all penalties are forfeited.


If you have any questions regarding filing a civil case, please contact the West Covina Superior Court at (626) 813-3236.

A: All vehicles on public roadways or roadways subject to California Vehicle Code enforcement must be currently registered. If you have moved the vehicle to private property, filed for a non-operational permit, or are donating the vehicle to charity, the full fine amount can be paid, and there is no need to have the citation signed off.

A: If your accident occurred after September 1, 2009, you can obtain your report online at this website. You will need to know either the report date and last name, or report number and last name. With a computer, printer, internet access, and a credit card, you can purchase the report for $5 immediately. The fee goes to an external company offering this service. Reports before September 1, 2009 are available in person at the police department. We recommend calling ahead (626-939-8500) to make sure a copy is available for you.

A: Call the Traffic Unit at (626) 939-8555 and they will arrange for vehicle abatement service.

A: The City of West Covina’s designated truck routes are available here.

A: Yes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation collects and publishes crime statistics nationwide in their Uniform Crime Report. A table showing crime statistics for all California cities is available here. You can also view some crime statistics posted here.

A: There is no charge for reports.

A: The West Covina Police Department does not provide this service at this time. You may get further information on locations that provide the service by following the link to this website.

A: Please visit this website for more information.

A: Please contact the Property and Evidence Unit for an appointment at (626) 939-8573. Normal office hours are Monday-Friday, 7 AM  to 4 PM, however, a voicemail can be left after hours.

A: All persons required to register with the West Covina Police Department pursuant to criminal conviction must contact the West Covina Police Department for an appointment at (626) 939-8661.

A: The State of California Department of Justice has your criminal record information. You must provide them your fingerprints and pay a fee. An information sheet is available at the police department.

A: Subpoenas for records should be served to the Custodian of Records. The exact amount due will be determined prior to the reproduction of documents. However, please attach a check (minimum amount $15.00) to the subpoena upon delivery. Subpoenas for police department personnel appearances should be served to the Court Liaison CSO with a check for the $275.00 fee for each day of appearance, per each Officer. Civil subpoenas require 15 days between the date of service and actual appearance, as required, to allow for adequate notification.  Fees can be paid by cash (exact change only) or by credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa).

A: If you are currently a resident of the City of West Covina or have lived in the City, the West Covina Police Department will do a local criminal history search on you within our city jurisdiction only. If there is no criminal history on you within our jurisdiction, a letter will be made indicating to the INS that there is no adverse information found on you. There is an administrative fee of $10.00 for the letter, which must be paid by cash, check or money order only. The letter can take up to ten days to receive.