CCW License

Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) License Information

Retired West Covina Police Department Officers

Retired West Covina Police Department Police Officers who are eligible for a CCW can apply for/renew their CCW licenses online by using the three forms below. Two of the forms are applications pursuant to WPCD policy, as well as State and Federal law. The third form is the qualification course for retired WCPD officers.


·  All retired police officers are required to qualify with their firearms.

·  The WCPD qualification form must be used for all qualifications regardless of where the range is located.

·  We will only accept qualifications that occur at a law enforcement range.

·  We will only accept the West Covina Police Department Qualification form.

·  Failure to qualify annually will result in the revocation of a CCW endorsed ID card.

Retired WCPD Officer Application Submissions:

After completing the applicable application forms, they can be submitted here or mailed to the police department addressed to the training manager.

For any questions regarding the WCPD retired police officer CCW policy/process, please contact us using the button below.

For scheduling the WCPD range for a retiree qualification, please contact us using the button below.

West Covina Residents

The West Covina Police Department accepts CCW license applications from West Covina residents who must submit applications through a third-party provider.

The Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) License Process:

A CCW license allows qualified individuals to carry an approved, concealed firearm on their person for self-protection. The CCW license process takes approximately 1 to 4 months to complete. CCW licenses are valid for two years from the date of issuance.


The following information provides a brief overview of the CCW License Program, which includes the program requirements, the licensing process, and certain restrictions in obtaining a CCW license. The West Covina Police Department is pleased to offer this service to the residents of West Covina as a tool for personal protection and with the overall goal of increased public safety.

Q: What are the CCW requirements?

A: The following are the requirements to be eligible to apply for a CCW:

  1. Must be a resident of the City of West Covina (Penal Code § 26150 and Penal Code § 26155)
  2. Be at least 21 years of age (Penal Code § 29610)
  3. Must be a US Citizen
  4. Fully complete an application that will include substantial personal information, some of which is subject to public access under the Public Records Act
  5. Be free from criminal convictions that would disqualify the applicant from carrying a firearm (See DOJ Firearms Prohibiting Categories)
  6. Be of good moral character (Penal Code § 26150 and Penal Code § 26155)
  7. Pay all associated application fees required by any third-party provider as well as fees required by the Department of Justice and the cost of the Live Scan (Fees will not be refunded if the application is denied)
  8. Provide proof of ownership and registration of any firearm associated with the license
  9. Be free from any psychological conditions that might make the applicant unsuitable for carrying a firearm (Penal Code § 26190)
  10. Complete required training (Penal Code § 26165)
Q: What is the license process?

A: West Covina PD uses as a vendor to process our CCW license applications. The process will require you to:

  1. Apply online with MyCCW
  2. Complete the California Department of Justice (DOJ) Application (Also available at MyCCW)
  3. Initial review of the application by a background investigator
  4. Interview with a background investigator and a review of required documents
  5. Criminal history check through Live Scan fingerprinting
  6. Thorough background check
  7. Psychological review
  8. Completion of an approved CCW Firearm Safety Course and Weapon(s) Qualification
  9. Final review and issuance of CCW license
Q: What are the restrictions for the CCW license?

A: The Chief of Police may place special restrictions limiting the time, place, manner, and circumstances under which any license shall be valid. In general, these restrictions will prohibit the licensee from:

  • Committing any crime
  • Being under the influence of any medication or drug while armed
  • Consuming any alcoholic beverages while armed
  • Falsely representing yourself as a peace officer
  • Interfering with any law enforcement officer’s duties
  • Loading the permitted firearm with illegal ammunition
  • Refusing to display your CCW license or firearm for inspection upon demand of any peace officer
  • Unjustified or unreasonable displaying of a firearm
Q: Can the CCW license be revoked?

A: Any CCW license may be immediately revoked by the Chief of Police for specific reasons including, but not limited to:

  • The licensee has violated any of the restrictions or conditions placed upon the license.
  • The licensee becomes psychologically unsuitable to carry a firearm.
  • The licensee is determined to be within a prohibited class described in Penal Code § 29800, Penal Code § 29900, Welfare and Institutions Code § 8100, Welfare and Institutions Code § 8103 or any state or federal law.
  • The licensee engages in any conduct which involves a lack of good moral character or that might otherwise remove the good cause for the original issuance of the license.
Q: Is a psychological assessment required as part of the CCW applications process?

A: The West Covina Police Department has closely evaluated the need for the psychological assessment requirement during the CCW application process. Through discussions with our city attorney and our police department psychologist, as well as a review of empirical-based studies and review of other peer department CCW programs, the Chief of Police has decided to require a psychological assessment for CCW licenses.

Q: What psychological assessment tool does West Covina PD use?

A: The test we use in our psychological evaluations is the Personality Inventory for DSM-5 (PID-5), which is a self-report questionnaire designed to assess personality traits based on the dimensional model proposed in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). It is a tool used in clinical assessment and research to evaluate an individual’s personality structure across five broad domains:

  • Negative Affectivity: This domain includes traits related to emotional dysregulation, anxiety, and irritability.
  • Detachment: Assessing traits related to social withdrawal, avoidance of intimacy, and restricted emotional expression.
  • Antagonism: Focusing on traits such as manipulativeness, deceitfulness, and grandiosity.
  • Disinhibition: Examining traits associated with impulsivity, irresponsibility, and distractibility.
  • Psychoticism: Assessing eccentricity, perceptual dysregulation, and unusual beliefs.


The PID-5 provides a comprehensive overview of an individual’s personality structure, contributing valuable information for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes. It’s widely used in the field of psychology and psychiatry for assessing personality pathology and understanding various psychopathological conditions.

Q: What psychological assessment vendor does West Covina PD use?

A: For the psychological assessment portion of the CCW, we utilize Seal Beach Counseling. They are a trusted counseling practice used by many of the police departments in Riverside County and Los Angeles County. Their detailed assessment is very important for the police chief as it assists with making an informed decision when issuing a CCW permit.

Q: Isn't the psychological assessment more of a personality test?

A: Our assessment looks at both the pathology of mental illness, depression, and anxiety for example, as well as how someone interacts with the world around them. Labeling the assessment as a personality test is simplifying a very detailed and proven scientific tool. There is no perfect test and there is no way to predict all behavior. However, the process West Covina PD uses gives a better overall picture of the applicant and assists the police chief with making an informed decision regarding our CCW applicants.

 A: California Penal Code 26190(e)(1) essentially states: If a psychological assessment on the initial application is required by the licensing authority (Police Chief), the license applicant shall be referred to a licensed psychologist acceptable to the licensing authority. The applicant may be charged for the actual cost of the assessment. In no case shall the amount charged to the applicant for the psychological assessment exceed the reasonable costs to the licensing authority.

Q: Can a West Covina resident get a CCW elsewhere?

A: The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will refer all new applicants that are West Covina residents to West Covina PD for CCW consideration. West Covina PD respects the opinion of some individuals who believe that psychological assessments should not be required for a CCW. If this is the case with a West Covina resident, the applicant is directed to consider applying with the County. This does not mean the County will process the applicant.

Q: Does West Covina PD have a policy on the CCW program?

A: Yes, it is posted online.

Q: What if I currently have a CCW and I want to renew it?

A: Any renewals for CCWs that were not initially approved by West Covina PD (e.g., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department) need to be renewed through the original agency. Residents seeking CCW renewals should contact the issuing agency. At this time, all applicants will be processed as new or initial applicants.

Q: What if I own a business in West Covina and want a Limited Business License?

A: The authority to issue a limited CCW business license to a non-resident applicant is granted only to the Sheriff of the county in which the applicant works.  The chief of a municipal police department may not issue limited CCW business licenses (Penal Code § 26150). 


Those interested in a limited CCW business license should contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Q: How do I amend my license?

A: A CCW license can be amended for the following reasons:

  • Change of address or legal name change (Documentation required)
  • Lost or stolen license (Police report required)
  • Adding a new firearm to the license only in the event of a damaged, lost, or stolen firearm (Police report required)

All other amendments, including gun modifications not previously mentioned, will be processed at the time of application renewal.

Q: What type of handgun can I have on my permit?

A: The firearm you list on your CCW application must be a handgun that is registered to you in the state of California. The handgun must be capable of being concealed on a person or within a reasonably sized bag/purse. The handgun, magazines, and ammunition must comply with applicable State and Federal laws. “AR pistol” platforms and similar handgun style are not permitted. Any handgun or pistol that has the capacity to accept a magazine outside of the pistol grip is not permitted. Customization of firearms is permitted as long as it does not violate any State or Federal regulation. Most caliber handguns are permitted. Magazine capacity is not restricted, however, the use of any magazine with a capacity above 10 rounds is only permitted if the applicant is in legal possession of such magazine.

Q: How many handguns may I have listed on my CCW license?

A: We currently allow up to two (2) handguns on a CCW license. 

Modifications of handguns listed on the license will only occur during the CCW renewal period.

Q: What if I have questions or need assistance during my application process?

A: If you have questions or need assistance about the application process or you have questions or need assistance during the application process, please visit MyCCW and select the Contact Us button.

Q: How do I have my firearms training course listed as an authorized vendor?

A: If you are a vendor with a licensed firearms training course, please visit MyCCW and select the Become a Vendor button to apply.