CCW License

Civilian CCW Applicants:

It is the position of the West Covina Police Department to have all CCW license applications processed through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  For information regarding the application process, please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department by visiting their website.

Retired West Covina Police Department Police Officers:

Retired WCPD Police Officers can apply/renew their CCW licenses online by using the three forms below. Two of the forms are applications pursuant to WPCD policy, as well as State and Federal law. The third form is the qualification course for retired WCPD officers.


·  All retired police officers are required to qualify with their firearms.

·  The WCPD qualification form must be used for all qualifications regardless of where the range is located.

·  We will only accept qualifications that occur at a law enforcement range.

·  We will only accept the West Covina Police Department Qualification form.

·  Failure to qualify annually will result in the revocation of a CCW endorsed ID card.

Retired WCPD Officer Application Submissions:

After completing the applicable application forms, they can be submitted here or mailed to the police department addressed to the training manager.

For any questions regarding the WCPD retired police officer CCW policy/process, please contact us using the button below.

For scheduling the WCPD range for a retiree qualification, please contact us using the button below.